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The rising cost of water

Orem City has announced that over the next 5 years they will increase the cost of water.  If you live in Orem, each year your monthly water bill will go up $10.  By 2020 you will be paying $50 a month more than you are today. 

Pleasant Grove has already done the same, and almost every city in Utah County has announced similar plans. 

We really can help!  Give us a call to discuss your options and see were you can conserve. 

Its time

It's Time!

It is time to talk about conserving water.

Please take a moment to read this important message from the owners.

I know it may seem strange for a company like ours to stress the importance of water conservation, but really we are the best ones to tell it to you straight.

One of the most common issues people call us to fix is dry spots in the yard.  For many years, the answer was more water--let's get more water to the dry spot.  With new modern technology, we now have the ability to use MUCH less water and give you a greener and healthier lawn than you have had before.  It's true--you really can use less water and have a healthier lawn. 

This is how it's done:
*First, proper installation and use of water conserving sprinklers.
*Second, the installation of and proper programing of a new smart timer.
*Third, training you to know how and when to water to make the most of this precious resource. 

California has been hit hard by drought conditions and has passed many new laws restricting water usage.  Yes, we live in Utah but since California is a trend setting state, we predict that within the next four years many cities in Utah (if not the state of Utah) will enact similar regulation or laws.  As with most things, once they are mandated by law, the price goes up.  So let's do something about water usage now because we want to and not because we have to.  If we wait until we have to do it, it may be too late!

We know that each yard and landscape is different and the solution will vary for each customer so give us a call.  We would love to create a water conserving plan in your yard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
Give us a call--we are here to help!

Your Friends,
Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC

Ever consider water concerving sprinkler heads?

This photo is a home we worked on last year, it illustrates perfectly not only the need for, but the benefits of water conserving sprinkler heads. 

On the rite you see a section of lawn converted to use water conserving sprinkler heads.

On the left you see a section of lawn with standard spray heads.

The difference is easy to see.  This photo was taken this spring before the customer has watered yet.  The largest difference is water conserving heads water better and more efficiently.  They promote deeper root growth and  greener lawns. 

We converted this lawn last year and in just one season it was made healthier and greener.  So much so that after a long winter and no watering yet this year the grass really is greener. 

The genius is that because these new sprinkler heads use less water and water slower.  The water soaks in deeper rather than running down hill and away from it's intended target.  The deeper the water soaks the deeper the roots grow.  The deeper the roots grow the less frequently you can water.  

Call us today and by this summer you can have the green lawn you have always wanted.  

Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC

Pressure Reducers How Important Are They?

This photo shows perfectly the need for a pressure reducer.

The water pressure here is too high causing the water leaving the sprinklers to explode into a cloud of mist.  The mist flies away and never waters your lawn.  It is estimated that 40% of the water is wasted! 

A simple pressure reducer will make all the difference. 
Most cities have water pressure in excess of 80psi but most sprinklers have been designed to properly operate at 55psi 

 Less pressure = more water on your lawn!  If you do nothing else, installing a pressure reducer this year will give you a much healthier lawn! 

Give us a call today we really can give you a better more healthy lawn.
Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC


Thanks to everyone!  

This year has bee so great I want to thank you all.  To all our customers new and old thanks for you continued faith and loyalty. 

It's a cold start

Well, it's that time once again.  We are ready!  Are you?  Despite the cold start, it's time to get those sprinklers running.  So, if you live in Utah county, give us a call and we will fix your sprinklers. 

To our friends in Orem, Provo, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, Lehi, Highland, Alpine and surrounding areas, we can fix your sprinklers.  

We have the equipment to diagnose and fix almost anything.  But aside from equipment, we have something most companies don't.  We have lots of experience.  No one on our crew is seasonal and we all have over 20 years experience.  This is what makes us better. 

Summer is over.

Once again I would like to thank everyone for a great summer!  It was a pleasure to work with and for you. 

Q. So now that summer is over what should you do? 
A. Shut you sprinkler system off.   Yes I know the city shuts off the irrigation water but it is still very important to shut the valve off.  This is because you may not be home next spring when they turn it back on.  

Q. Is in necessary to blow out my sprinklers?
A. I don't know!  A properly designed sprinkler system does not need it.  However if your sprinkler system was installed by someone not properly trained then YES you should blow your sprinklers out. 

Q.  How do I know if my sprinklers were properly installed. 
A.  While this answer is not always the case this is what I would tell you.  If you open up one of your valve boxes in the yard and the valves inside are made of green plastic.  This is a sign that they came from the local home center.  Since most pros buy form a contractor supply house this is an indication that the person who installed them may not have been a fully trained professional.  So yes you may want to blow your sprinklers out.

Sprink is not far off

Well it has been a long cold winter and now spring is just around the corner.    Its not too early to start getting your ideas together.  In fact if this is the year your finally going to add that garden drip system or make other changes.  Give us a call it defiantly is not too early to get a quote.    

Oh and one more thing to keep in mind.  If you love our quality, price and attention to detail you will be happy to know that now we do handyman work as well.  We can now fix your sprinklers and put in a new garbage disposal.  Want a new kitchen faucet? No problem!  Just give us a call: 801-362-3573 

Your new handyman!

NEW FOR 2013

Good news we have expanded to fit your needs.  We now do so much more.  We will still offer the same great sprinkler service but now we offer a wide range of handyman services.  From plumbing to  electrical, windows and doors and so much more.  Give us a call today!

Symptom or Problem

All to often I get a customer who calls me to fix a problem, when I arrive they inevitably say I sure hope you can fix this!  Then tell me this is the 3rd time somebody has attempted to fix it.  Or they say this stupid things breaks every year. 

So why is it that these things break every year?   I will tell you, it is because the other guys only fix the SYMPTOM.  With my 14+ years of experience I am able to diagnose what the PROBLEM is and address it at the same time I fix the symptom. 

Let me give you an example, this week I fixed a broken pipe (symptom) for a woman and I could tell I wasn't the first to have made a repair in the same spot.  She said its like clockwork and breaks every year.  Well everyone else that repaired it only fixed the broken pipe.  I did more I determined that the pipe is freezing every year (problem) and that is why it breaks.  I repaired the broken section and installed a drain to allow water to escape.  No water no ice = no freezing and no more yearly broken pipe. Problem solved!

Have a yearly problem that you find yourself fixing over and over?  Call me I know we can solve it once and for all.


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