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Full Warranty and service agreement information.

Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC Service Agreement Contract
Safety Warning and precautions:
A.  The process of repairing and installing sprinklers requires digging trenches and holes, it is the responsibility of the property owner or the owner’s agent to use caution and  to inform their families and  visitors to the property to use caution and avoid these hazards. 
B.   During the installation and repair dirt, rocks, and other debris will be loosened or displaced and could cause injury, death or property damage. So it shall be the responsibility of the Property owner /agent to use caution when entering or using lawn and garden equipment in the work area both during and for a reasonable period of time after the work is completed.
Our pledge to you our valued customers:
We at Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC are committed to providing you the high quality service you deserve and have come to expect.   We never use discount parts or second rate materials.  You can rest assured that each and every repair we make will be made by a skilled technician using quality parts, so you know it will last.   All of your service and repair technicians are highly trained and are committed to providing you with quality workmanship.  
          We will never charge you for work you don't need, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after us.  Our attention to detail means we don't just fix a broken pipe, we fix the cause of the broken pipe.  For example, let’s say you have a pipe that was broken because it froze during the winter months.   We will replace the broken sections while at the same time installing new drains in the effected area so water can drain properly so next time temperatures drop below freezing you won’t have the same problem in the same spot.  Our competitors would just repair the broken pipe and move on without any thought to why it broke, or preventing it from happening again.  
          We are  also mindful that your yard is an extenuation of your home, we respect you, your home and your yard so none of our employees will smoke drink or use foul language while working  for you in your home or yard.     We know it is you who keeps us in business, if for any reason you experience a problem please don’t hesitate to call.   We take pride in what we do,  part of what we do is to make you, our customer, happy.    If you have any suggestions as to how we can better serve you please feel free to contact us by phone at,  801.362.3573 or by mail at,  Care of, Sprinkler repair & Installation  PO. Box 61 Orem Ut 84059   Once again thank you, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!
One Year Warranty:
Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC  will warranty this repair or installation for 365 calendar days (547 days for platinum members) from the  completion date printed on receipt.  This warranty covers all workmanship and parts installed by this company and or its authorized agents.   In some cases this warranty may also be augmented by manufactures warranties.  In those cases it will be at the discretion of each manufacture whether to replace or repair their product. This warranty only extends to parts installed at time of repair.   For this reason problems with sprinkler system should be reported promptly because warranty does not cover damage to yard or property it only covers parts and workmanship.   Warranty is non transferable and is only valid if request for warranty repair is submitted by original purchaser printed on receipt.  Warranty exclusions, Damage caused by freezing is not covered by this warranty It is and shall be the property owners responsibility to winterize their sprinkler system properly.  Warranty exclusions, 1.  Warranty is provided to paying customers only if you invoice is unpaid your warranty is void.  2.  Water pressure in excess of 85psi or in excess of the manufactures recommendations which ever is lower will void any warranty claim.
1.  Access and permission:
Property owner and or owners agent give consent for this company, and or, its agents to perform the work as outlined on this contract and grant access and permission to this property to perform such work as outlined.  They also grant access to this property to investigate claims submitted for repair under damage as well as claims of property damage.  The signer of this contract does also agree to pay the amount specified for this work, as well as pay this amount within the time period specified by this contract. 
2.  Payment contract, including late fees, court and legal fees for collection.
A.  Payment is due in full immediately upon completion unless otherwise specified on contract.
B.   Mandatory late fee $30.00 for bills not paid in full by due date.
C.  Interest of 15% of remaining balance will be charged for each calendar month that the  bill goes unpaid.
D.  Property owner and or agent of property owner / signer of contract agree that they shall pay all collection, legal and litigation costs should they default on payment
3.  Property owners responsibilities:
To reduce the risk of damage  It is and shall be the responsibility of the property owner / agent to know where the water shut off valve for their sprinkler system is, as well as know how to use it!  It is also the property owners / agents responsibility to inspect the property and report any suspected damage to this company and its installer within 24 hours of the completion of work or within 24 hours of an occurrence that could cause damage.  If it is determined that the damage was a result of work performed by this company it will be the discretion of this company and installer to repair or replace items damaged.  Damaged caused by the negligence of the property owner / agent of property owner will not be considered for repair or replacement.  A list of further exceptions are listed below.  In cases of severe property damage it will be the responsibility parties insurance companies to determine a settlement for damage sustained.  
4.  General damage and Collateral damage waver:
This company, its installers and or agents will not he held liable for damage as a result of any of the following,
A.  Damage caused as a result of freezing.  It is and will be the responsibility of the home owner or their agent to shut off or to have shut off their sprinkler system before temperatures drop below freezing.  For this reason damage caused by frost and freezing is not covered by warranty.
B.  Damage to utilities or  underground  equipment not marked by utility locating services,  such as but not  limited to underground wiring   for outdoor and landscaping lights.
C.   Concrete is naturally prone to cracking and tunneling under can cause cracking.   All reasonable steps will be taken to safeguard against cracking but  the company and installer cant be held liable if it does crack at the present or at a  future date.                                    
D.   Settling,  During the process of excavating and back filling  sometimes dirt is lost or   spread out in such a way that it cannot be replaced,  resulting in dips or valleys lower than the  surrounding grade.  If this occurs,  installer and or company may agree to but are not required to bring in new soil to replace that which was lost in the  process.
E.  Damage to lawn, trees, plants and shrubs.  At times in order to properly repair or replace  broken sprinkler parts it may be necessary to cut through and even remove the roots  of trees plants and shrubs.  This may injure  or even kill the plant.  This company, its installer, and/or agents are not responsible for fixing or replacing plants killed as a result of any sprinkler work that was performed,
F.  This company, its installer or agent will make every effort to restore customers yard to a condition comparable to the way it was before the work was performed.  However,  visible signs of excavation and/or work may be visible for weeks or even months  afterwards.  Property owner or owner / agent accept this as a common fact and agree  that it is not the responsibility of this company or its agents to compensate  the property  owner or their agent if this occurs.
G.  It is the responsibility of the property owner / agent to perform regular maintenance   checks on their sprinkler system.  It is the responsibility of the property owner / agent to have any problems with their sprinkler system repaired by a qualified repairman in a timely fashion.   For this reason this company, its installer and or agent will not held liable for long term damage   such as, but not limited to, mold and mildew.
H. This company, its installer and or agents will not be held responsible for any damage to property structures or any other item or thing unless damage is reported in a  reasonable and timely fashion.  In most cases in order to decrease the potential for  fraud, damage needs to be reported within 24 hours of the work being performed. Or within 24 hours of the occurrence of any problem that could cause damage.
Sales Tax;  “In Utah sales tax is generally charged on sales of tangibles, or services to tangible, personal property items.  Generally it is not charged on sales of, or services to real property (land or buildings).  For specific information call the State of Utah tax Commission at (801) 297-2200.” source, Tips for New Business Registration. Provided by the State of Utah Department of commerce.  January 2007
For this reason it is not necessary for us to charge you sales tax on the repairs outlined in this service agreement and contract.
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