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It is not typically recommended to water every day.  For best results, water less often but for longer.  Here is a sample watering schedule.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
on      ---     on     ---   on  ---   ---

Zone  1   2   3   4   5   6
Min     10   10   12    10   8     -

Start time 1.   4:00 am
Start time 2.  6:00 am

As you look at this example please note the two separate start times.   Having your timer come on twice for shorter amounts of time gives the first dose time to soak in.  You will have less run off and literally less water down the drain. 

Want  a ant home personal watering guide specific to your yard click on the link below.  


Although many companies sell yearly packages of fertilizer (many of which are great), the best and most important is a good fertilization in the late fall.  This will promote root growth during the winter months and give you a better lawn that can go longer between watering in the spring. 

Weed control

Believe it or not in most cases you can control weeds just by improving the health of your lawn. One, by proper fertilization and two, by proper watering.  It takes time to create a healthy lawn so while you work on improving the health, this is what you can do about weeds. 

Liquid weed killers are in most cases better.  Although the active ingredients are identical, the liquids tend to stick to the weeds better and kill faster and more predictably.   Granular weed killers do work great but you must read and follow the directions exactly.


There are just too many pests to list all the individual treatments.  You can visit www.utahpests.usu.edu to find your pest and the appropriate treatment. 

Over the years we have found what works and what does not.  This is our advice to you.  Stick with the name brands.  It may be tempting to pick up some cheap sprinklers at the box store, don't fall for it.  Whenever possible use Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro or Irritrol sprinkler parts.  These companies have been around for a long time and you are much more likely to find replacement parts for them in the future. 

Whether it's for your lawn or garden, we are specialists that can design a drip irrigation system for your garden, a pop-up sprinkler system for your lawn and for larger areas Rotor sprinkler heads.  Give us a call: Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC 801-362-3573  Don't forget--we can also get you connected to your cities pressurized irrigation or secondary water as well.

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