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From the owner:

Some time ago I heard a add soliciting business to get "Approved" By a locally famous investigative reporter.  I thought it would be a great and wonderful thing for a outside third party to validate what I already knew. I have a great business with even better customers.  Call me naive but I was SHOCKED at the price he wanted to "Approve" my business. It wasn't a few hundred or even a thousand dollars it was thousands of dollars! 
The point I make is this, being approved only means that a specific company is paying large amounts of money for a paid endorsement.  I choose not to pay for my endorsements.  But I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for endorsing me for the last 17+ years. Thank you to the thousands of customers who have endorsed me and kept my business going all these years.  

From our customers.  

I called Matt based on the good reviews on this site and was not disappointed! He assessed the problem quickly and made the repairs necessary and went on his way. VERY HONEST and FAIR. He's very knowledgeable in his line of work, I knew I could trust him right away. Go with this guy! You'll be glad you did.
Mandi H. 05/2014

Not only did Sprinkler Repair quickly return my call (It's amazing how many businesses don't!), but when they arrived it was obvious that they really knew what they were doing. They were heads and shoulders over a different company that helped us with sprinklers last year. These Sprinkler Repair guys were also really nice and did their work quickly. Last of all, they were remarkably inexpensive (I was surprised!). I don't often write reviews, but these will be our sprinkler go-to guys from now on!
Josh G. 04/2013

"I Googled "sprinker repair" and called the first result - one of Matt's competitors. Well, that guy told me he'd call back in 10 minutes and never did. So I called Matt and am glad I did. He got right to the root of the problem and was honest about my options. He even showed me how to fix some stuff on my own to save money. I highly recommend!"
Scott--Cedar Hills

" I live in Salem and Matt helped me with my Pressurized Irrigation connection in 2008.  Everything is working great!  I just came to this website to schedule Matt to add some new Hunter sprinklers in my side yard.  Thanks Matt, you do good work."

"I love my husband but he is not a sprinkler guy.  After several years of leaking pipes, I waited until he was away on business and I called Sprinkler Repair.  Matt fixed me up faster and for a lot less than my husband had spent over the past few years.  Thanks Matt!"
Mrs. S--Highland,

"I know you usually do not start a testimonial and point out that something went wrong, but for me it did.  I have had some bad luck hiring contractors in the past.  So after paying Sprinkler Repair to fix my sprinklers, I was frustrated to find out the problem wasn't solved.  I called expecting to get the run around, something like, "Okay, we will be back sometime in the next three weeks."  To my surprise, Matt came that very same day. No additional charge, no hassle, nothing that made me feel inferior or stupid.  We are all human so I don't expect perfection, just a company willing to admit and fix their mistakes.  I highly recommend these guys! I give them an A+.
Kevin--, UT

"Matt of Sprinkler Repair & Installation has always been prompt and fair with me. I heartily recommend him!"
Van--Provo, UT customer since 2005

"I spent two Saturdays trying to stop one of my valves from leaking.  I called Matt from SR&I and he fixed it in less than one hour and I have had no issues since!  Thank you for giving my Saturdays back."
Jerry--Orem, UT customer since 2013

"Matt from Sprinkler Repair & Installation helped repair the previously installed sprinkler system in my backyard and installed a new system in the front. The job was done right the first time. In the 4 years since it's been installed, I haven't had one problem. Matt was quick, and his pricing and business practices are honest and fair. I'd recommend him to my best friends."
Alan--Provo, UT customer since 1998

"Matt installed my sprinkler system in 1997.  In the 15+ years since, I have had absolutely ZERO problems.  Not a single leak or broken pipe."
William--Orem, UT customer since 1997

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