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Secondary Water / Pressurized Irrigation

Most cities have a set date of April 15 for turning on the secondary water system.  Some areas and neighborhoods will be sooner or later than others so be patient with your city. 

Some things you must know:

1. Never let children, pets or livestock drink Irrigation water.
This is water that in most cases comes directly from mountain streams and is diverted into large holding ponds.  These ponds are shallow, so often the water temperature is higher, promoting the growth of bad organisms.

2.  Filters are not typically required by law but are a definite must have.  It's true, some cities do filter the water at the source limiting the risk.  However, irrigation water is not chlorinated and thus it is more likely to have or even grow organic material that can easily accumulate and clog your valves and sprinkler heads.

3.  Plenty of people may offer to do it inexpensively.  Keep in mind your family's health is at risk if done improperly.  Make sure whoever you choose is competent, insured and make sure they get the proper inspection prior to completion.

4. It does not matter if you use Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro or any other brand of sprinklers.  They all work with Secondary water/Pressurized Irrigation.

So what's the process?

We start by giving you a quote based upon your individual needs. 
Second, we disconnect your current Culinary water connection and we make in unusable in accordance with your specific local laws. 
Third, we connect the new Secondary water directly to your current sprinkler system. 
Fourth, we call the city to have everything we have done inspected.  Once inspected, we bury it all.

Keep in mind you are responsible for all applicable fees and taxes specific to your city.  You pay these fees directly to the city. WE, Sprinkler Repair & Installation llc, DO NOT collect these fees or pay them for you.  Our billing only includes the parts and labor associated with the actual connection.

Water supply by city:

Orem, UT  currently using culinary water.
Provo, UT currently using culinary water.
Lindon, UT  currently using Pressurized Irrigation.
Pleasant Grove, UT currently using Pressurized Irrigation.
American Fork, UT currently using Pressurized Irrigation.
Highland, UT currently using Pressurized Irrigation.
Alpine, UT currently using Pressurized Irrigation.
Lehi, UT currently using Irrigation water.
Saratoga Springs, UT  currently using Irrigation water.
Eagle Mountain, UT currently using culinary water.
Springville, UT currently using Pressurized Irrigation.
Mapleton, UT  Just installed  Pressurized Irrigation begins 2012.
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