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Warning: If your house or yard is flooding, limit the damage caused by shutting off the water as soon as possible!
Once again we specialize in all sprinkler repairs including Hunter, Rain Bird, and Toro.  Many cities are currently installing secondary water or pressurized irrigation systems.  We can get you connected fast.  Whether it's irrigation water connection or a sprinkler system repair give us a call.
We offer service for  Sprinkler system maintenance and Sprinkler Repair.  We currently service the flowing areas. Sprinkler Repair in Oren UT are our specialty.  As for Sprinkler Repair in Provo UT well we love them too. Need a Sprinkler Repair in Lindon UT you got it. Don't forget we do Sprinkler Repair in Alpine UT.   Lets not forget our friends who need Sprinkler Repair in Highland UT. Well since you asked yes we do offer Sprinkler Repair in Lehi UT. This is for our friends who need Sprinkler Repair in Pleasant Grove UT. Last but not least yes we also do Sprinkler Repair in American Fork UT.  Lets not forget the quality products we use.  We proudly offer Lawn sprinklers from Hunter Irrigation.  We love to use Rain Bird Sprinklers they are our favorite. Not our favorite but still acceptable Toro Sprinklers, Sprinkler for Irrigation Water proudly installed by,
Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC
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Thanks again, Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC  Utah Counties #1 expert since 1997
Proudly Installing Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro and other top brands!