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Wire Sprouts are for sale to all contractors and homeowners. So order yours today.

Introducing WireSprout!  The first and only of its kind.

What is WireSprout?  It's only the coolest invention ever,  and here's what it does. 

WireSprout doubles your wire capacity by allowing you to run two valves with just one wire + one good common wire.  Here is a example.  Typically a two strand wire will only run one valve (one wire is the common and the other is the hot)  However with Wire Sprout you can run two valves with two strand wire.  If you have a three strand wire you can run 4 valves (using two sets of wire Sprouts).  If you have a 9 strand wire you can run 16 valves, all you need is one set of wire sprouts per wire (8 wire sprout sets)**

WireSprout Saves you money no need to dig a long trench to run a new wire.  If you have a good common wire and at least one other good wire you can run two valves.

WireSprout Makes you look good.  When others have tried a repair and failed, given costly estimates for major repairs.  You look amazing solving the customer problem in minuets for a fraction of the cost.  No trenches, no batteries, no annoying switches, no complicated programing just simple easy to use Wire Sprout.

WireSprout is not a switching device.  Each valve is wired to a individual slot on your timer/clock this eliminates confusion no fancy programing! 

**Their is one catch Wire Sprout does double the wire capacity, but not the capacity of your time/clock so like in the example if you go from 8 to 16 valves you may need to buy a larger timer to accommodate the extra valves.

Buy yours today Free shipping on all orders to lower 48 states.  30 day Money back guarantee. 

Wire Sprout
Wire Sprout Repair Expand Grow
Price: $54.95

Wholesale pricing available with minimum initial purchase order and credit approval.  Please contact us for wholesale pricing and details 801-362-3573

For more information Please visit WireSprout.com

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